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Beauty and Animal Welfare

Smell Fresh Line

SMELL FRESH pet cosmetic line was developed to attend the final costumer of retail petcare market and also professional groomers looking for quality and competitive price products. Shampoo, Conditioner, Colognes, Finishers are available.

ProHorse Line

PROHORSE The Cosmetic Line Prohorse was developed to provide hygiene and beautification of horses, cattle, goats and sheep. Its products are produced with high quality raw materials and through the most modern processes, in order to ensure the efficacy and safety in their use.

Ezze Line

Caring for the beauty and well-being of our pets is not just a profession or a job, it's really a form of “art” that requires lots of dedication, commitment and caring. It was thinking on these “artists” that Ezze developed a complete line of cosmetics for professional groomers.

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