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Our story

Animal Beauty and Welfare

VetSense started in 2007 with only 10 products initially developed to attend professional groomers. With the succesful outcome and constant request to develop new products and solutions, VetSense brand quickly began to grow. Over the past years our product popularity has grown with pet owners and grooming professional, and therefore our product lines have increadsed developing over 100 products for dogs, cats and horses. 

With distributors present in all Brazilian regions, we manufacture  quality products with proven effectiveness and results, developed with high quality raw materials and in tune with the most modern technologies in the global cosmetics market.

Our company has a highly qualified and trained team, in order to asure the final quality of the product.

The products are tested and approved by veterinarians, in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Agriculture, thus endorsing the responsibility and seriousness in ensuring safety and better efficacy in our products.

In the production line, all batches are analyzed at the beginning, middle and end of the process.

That is Vetsense that always working and evolving to offer its customers the most innovative, modern and safe products in the veterinary cosmetics industry.

VetSense – Animal Beauty and  Welfare

Our mission

Manufacture and commercialize cosmetic products for veterinary use, preserving and enhacing animals beauty and welfare. Develop strategic partnerships with suppliers and customers to ensure the sustainability of the business, respecting the our environment and our partners.

Our Vision

Be recognized and admired by the society and our associates, for the responsibility and respect with which we conduct our business .

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